Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Just got back from my term break holidays in the city yesterday...been flooded by work and organizational stuff so it'll be a while before i find the time to write about how it went and the current weird thoughts in my brain...

Things i intend/are doing

  1. Convince my dad to let me visit China
  2. Book tickets and arrange for my logistics after graduation.
  3. Well, before that i've got to prepare for my exams ^.^
  4. Look up Mindef on how to prepare for my medical exams

My main worries and reasons for concern lie in point no. 1. I really hope i can go to China as an individual and sort of take a look at the country, culture and lifestyle of the modern chinese via the chinese themselves and not as a businessman doing business or a family out for some relaxation holiday. No, i want a unique experience i can only experience now, as a young adult and an individual. I'll really have to find ways to work it out with my dad, convince him to let me go and more importantly, i'm not that young a punk that it'll be detrimental for me to go to China for 2 weeks...

mel at 8:18 AM

Friday, September 23, 2005
Well, i wonder how my old friends in JC are doing....probably with their pre-lims and the sort, cos i've just finished my pre-lims!

I'll be off to the city for 8 nights for my term break stayin in a lil apartment just for me...Most probably won't be online but nonetheless, i wish all the best to my friends back home and a "cheers" to all those in TKIS who have just finished their mocks as well...

Persevere guys...less than 2 months to graduation already man!

Oh shit...that means there's only about a month more till the exams.. =.=

mel at 10:57 AM

Friday, September 16, 2005
Its been 3 weeks since my last post. Sort of back from a hiatus of non-blogging because of my Mock Exams...So far i've only finished my Maths and Chinese papers and have another 4 more subjects to go, but nonetheless i'm just trudging through the notes and stuff, trying to make the best of the last week in school...

Been thinking a lot these days as well, particularly about university courses and future career prospects. I was looking at the London School of Economics, Cornell Uni, Uni of San Francisco and the two local unis NUS and SMU in particular detail, exploring the prospects of social sciences or business courses. I've thus reached a sort of tentative conclusion, that what will benefit me most in the future and yet is a course i will be interested in is a Double Major in Sociology and Marketing or stuff like DM in International Law and International Relations etc...Seems like a pretty nasty combination thats definitely gonna require a high entry requirements eh? Oh wells, guess i'll just have to dig deeper into my notes for my last 50 odd days.

My father really wants me to study in SMU after my NS, but i seriously am reluctant... Therefore, complimentary to studying hard enough and getting good grades to get into a good international (means good spread of international students) university, i decided to do some research on SMU to see if there's any truth to all that publicity accredited to it. Based on 2hr spent on surfing the NUS and SMU website,
  1. Little acknowledgement with the IB, directly assuming that they are mostly of non-English background directly asking for SAT 1 or Toefl without reference to Eng A HL, IB students.
  2. Entry prerequisites are low in comparison with overseas uni, requiring just passes in "Year 12 studies" for required subjects for almost all courses, including most subjects in the arts and business courses.
  3. SMU does not provide accredited exchange programmes with excellent schools
  4. IMO, the lecturers and modules are directed largely to Singapore's atmosphere of business or politics, especially in the Social Sciences courses.
  5. Is it really necessary to learn "work & family", history, biology or physics modules for social science courses? my opinion is that i would desire a more focused educational course and specialise in a field i desire rather than to have to digress in areas and thread towards the analogy of "Jack of all trades Master of none".
  6. SMU business course in Bachalor in Business Management only offers Marketing and Finance, and the social sciences focuses mainly on Economics as their forte.
  7. In the SMU and NUS catagory for International students (i apply because i study the IB instead of the polytechnic or Junior College), there are special links for prospective students from India and China, whilst skimming through the other nationalities. This in fact really strikes me as familiar, just as before i came to TKIS, it was deemed as a school with a healthy international community, yet i came here to find out that 80% are from China. I really do not wish to make the same mistake twice again.

With regards to publicity, i have learnt a valuable lesson; the company or school can paint a really beautiful and desirable picture of itself, but to make sure you make the right choice, you have to really do extensive research as to which environment suits you best. If i could learn what i wanna learn, i think going to a very established school with plenty of experience and concurrent undertaking of new research will provide me with the best value-added education possible rather than one that just boosts facilities and contemporary education without much results to show for itself.

Till next time...

mel at 9:09 AM

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Melvin, what do you want to do? What are your ambitions, dreams or ideals? Your future lies in your hands, what you make of it depend on what you do with the present.

Do you want to be a politician or an ambassador/diplomat? Do you want to study courses in university for business or for interest? Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work another day. If I enter a university, should its importance be based on the course it allows me or the contacts it brings? I guess both are equally important but hard to obtained collectively, especially now, but why? Is it because I haven’t been studying since young? 15 was obviously not the best I could obtain in the O’ levels. How about now? At 27, it feels increasingly difficult to achieve a good score of 38 or above. Why am I letting my complacency get the better of me?

But regret is not enough, it just won’t do. I have to change, and change I must. So what if I have the bet now? I doubt it will suffice as a reasonable or sufficient incentive to push myself hard enough. What do I need to do, to find my driving force and motivation? Like Enson said, you need to find a strong ambition and you will naturally be self-motivated.

Melvin, if you don’t achieve 38 or all 6s in your HL subjects, don’t take Political Science or International Relations etc because you sure for hell won't be able to do it in LSE or any other good uni. If you do, congratulations. On the other hand, if you do not have 38 or more, its business and the likes for you in SMU or even hospitality in Switzerland? Nonetheless, you will have to fucking stay in Singapore if you don’t do well and that’s the bottom-line.

In order of incompetence,
Maths HL
English HL
Physics SL
Environmental Systems SL
Economics HL
Chinese SL

The effort required? Enormous

So what’s the plan?

Do my fucking English HW FFS
Relearn my Maths Options for starters
Basically it’s a bit obvious I lack revision and completion of exercises dude.

Stop procrastinating and being complacent; you’re not smart enough for that yet.

mel at 8:24 AM

Monday, August 22, 2005
Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a bucket of water,
God knows what they did up there,
but they came back with a Daughter.

mel at 3:54 PM

Friday, August 19, 2005
btw, i wish i could sleep as easily as i do when i'm studying studied my physics/maths/envi/eng/chi/econs TBs and notes etc. Today Mr McBurney (Deputy Principal) came into class, chided Britt (aussie taking same chi standard as me) for being lethargic, very sleepy in class. But the thing was, he said things like "you've (britt) been affected by Melvin because you sit together in envi", "this perpetual sleepiness must be contagious, or is it infectious?"

I beg to differ thank you very much yes sire!

Back to the insomia thingy, i still have a slight problem sleeping, but i think the perpetual waking up late and having insufficient sleep is actually helping me sleep at the end of that day, albeit still a bit too late!

mel at 2:06 PM

Well, had a little sort of SG gathering in Gaya's place, thats just 3 of us and a bottle of vodka. I even bought shot glasses to complement okay! =.=''

It was a great tok cock session la, all 3 of us able to relieve some stress and problems thats been building up in us. Its like those kinda Sisters sessions and I’ll join in the whining, bitching and the gossiping!For those who don't know my two fellow Singaporeans in this school, they are Tsay Xiu Hui (Selena) and Gayathri Nadarajan (GaYa).

Xh is from Crescent Gers la, and honestly some CG gers i know besides my big sis (gotta be really diplomatic here now..), are very "chor lor" at least until they reach some kinda stage where they suddenly try to become more feminine. And for the record, a lot of CGS gers tend to be very feminine also hor. The deal is, from there I've come to the conclusion that All-gers school tend to produce gers with a greater distinction between these two types. But then I’ve digressed.

The point is, these two gals are atypical from your typical Singaporeans, yet distinctly Singaporeans. So it’s been interesting getting to know these two gers more, friends I wouldn’t have under normal circumstances I reckon; two very outspoken, but distinctively femininely emotional as well. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but its all in diplomatic language.

Anyways, I’ve got a few more thoughts and entries that I’ll like to add and write about, but its all still in pieces in my head, waiting for me to arrive at a conclusion as to my feelings, rather than making them random rants. So till then, this post is a tribute to my two uniquely wonderful Singaporean compatriots in this School.

(‘Cos they keep pestering me to update!)

mel at 12:28 PM

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
Been really busy these few weeks... I reckon theres an evil plot in school, trying to kill us Year 12s right after we come back from our holidays with tons of work, trying to squash us under the weight! Hardly get any free time now, not even the bloody weekends.

Anyways, I've been having trouble sleeping at night. I used to because my roommate would be talking to his gf from 11 to 11.30. But now, he's a swinging bachelor again but i'm still having this mild insomia..

Its like, throughout the day i'm so caught up with work and all, when i actually lie down on my bed, all kinds of thoughts come rushing through and i keep pondering on it, unable to fall into the deep slumber i desire...I start to think of heart issues, work i've yet done, problems unsolved amongst my peers and even plain day dreaming at night...Then i start to think of stupid stuff like what i'm gonna do this weekend, what i'm gonna do on grad night, what i'm .....

Bah..i just wanna sleep! Any ideas on how to blank ur mind and be a light sleeper? Even my workaholic dad starts snoring the moment his head touches the pillow!

And last of all,

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!
i <3 you

mel at 8:19 AM

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